French Eyewear Manufacturer

This is the story of a French family, who have been recognised for their knowledge around the world since 1985, for their quality, excellence and craftsmanship for eyewear and jewellery manufacturing.

Since 1989 the company have serviced many famous luxury brands globally. From cutting and polishing to gold plating and design, and now are starting their own brands.

Jura France

Our Factories

For over 30 years the Eyes Gold family have quietly been making bespoke eyewear for different acclaimed luxury eyewear and jewellery companies and brands from around the world in their own factories based in Jura, France.

Eyes gold are pleased to present their 24K gold plated, Titanium and Acetate Eyewear collections.

Luxury Delixs and Heritage brands.

Hand made from our own factories in Jura France, by the finest French frame makers, crafted on original machinery from days gone by, when frames were all handmade, imagine that!

Designed by their team, from milling of the raw material to officially French stamped marked Gold plated finishing, in colours ranging from Yellow Gold, Palladium, Champaign Gold, Pink Gold. All materials and components are made of the highest quality.

Their vision is to bring the highest quality handmade eyewear in France, of superior workmanship and design, back into the eyewear industry.


Delixs collection

Each hand crafted piece, fashion re-designed, 24k gold plated in finishes of Gold, Pink Gold, Champaign Gold and Palladium, also Titanium frames, with shapes from the 30’s and 50’s to the 80’s, re-designed for today’s culture. Classic and chic and glamourous, with mixed Gold-plated colours on the frames and temples and also the bridges, in acetate and metal combinations styles, available in 7 styles and 6 colours including Black and Gun Metal, in both Sun and Optical ranges.

Heritage collection

Original frames from our factory stock from 50 years ago now designed into beautifully crafted vintage pieces in 24k Gold plate in finishes such as Gold, Pink Gold, Champagne Gold, Palladium, all original frames from the 40’s and 50’s eras. 15 styles, 6 colours, including Antique and Gun Metal finishes, in both Sun and Optical ranges.

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